Esso Cup Head Shot Collision

Lots of great hits at the 2014 Esso Cup (Major bantam) tournament this week but this might be the best & funniest of the 5 day event. Central Attack’s Patrick Young lines up Dartmouth’s Ethan Phillips in open ice and the two become attached to […]

2014 Esso Cup Tournament Trailer

17 of the best Major Bantam hockey teams from across the region will visit Halifax for a 5 day long standing tournament which officially begins Wednesday, Nov 19-23 at the Forum/Civic complex. The Breton Cougars are the defending champs and the Accel Hawks are the […]

Halifax Accel Hawks prepare to host 2014 Esso Cup

Halifax Acccel Hawks prepare to host 2014 Esso Cup at the Halifax Forum/Civic complex Nov 19-23. 17 of the top major bantam teams acorss the region will participate. John Moore speaks to Coach Blaine Boutilier and 2 of his players, Matt Stienburg & David Gagnon […]